• Ready for the Holidays?

    Holidays require planning, dont let your computer crash when it is most needed. Bring your computer to Systek for in-store service and you are automatically entered to win two free Renaissance Festival tickets each week!

  • Structured Cabling

    Systek can provide structured cabling for your office including Cat6 and Single Mode / Multi Mode Fiber installations.

  • Outsourced IT

    Outsourcing IT can save money and alleviate the stress of hiring an in-house IT staff. Call Systek today to talk to a business technology development consultant.

  • XP is End of Life, Server 2003 is next!

    If you are running Windows XP at your home or office you are Dangerously Vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Protection programs cannot block zero day vulnerabilities. Servers take time to transition be prepared before it is end of life.

  • Phone and Tablet Repair

    Systek can help repair your cracked or broken phones and tablets at the fraction of the cost of a new one.

Holiday Season

When you need your computer the most...

There is nothing more scarry than the possiblity of losing your school and financial data.  If your computer is running slowly, having pop-ups, or crashing bring it in for service today. Systek can help repair your computer and implement backups to ensure that you do not have to worry about data loss and the frustration of a slow computer.

Bring your computer in for service in the month of October and receive 10% off service.

Systek in the Community

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